Frequently Asked Questions

How does AzureOE do the real-time data replication?
  • By using Progress OpenEdge database triggers, we capture on the delta events in the database, correct the data differences with SQL, and convert it JSON in real-time.
  • Database triggers have been used successfully for replication for the last 10 years as a proven method that has negligible impact on performance.
  • No more batch dumps, ODBC, or other expensive alternatives!
What is the minimum Progress OpenEdge version required?

Progress 10.2B is the minimum. We are utilizing the JSON functions introduced to the product at this version.

You say affordable, why?
  • This is a subscription based solution that does not require a large capital expenditure of perpetual licenses and annual maintenance fees.
  • On average, we are saving our customer 2/3rds versus the alternative solution.
Does this replicate to Azure only?

Yes, this solution utilizes Azure Cloud services and has been built on that platform. With the growing adaptation to Microsoft Azure, all the enhanced security, compliance, SQL licensing, and affordability, this was the obvious future for cloud hosting. We do not support on premise replication to a local database at this time.

Can I use it for a single data dump from Progress DB to SQL?

Absolutely. We offer a one time use license and services to dump the data from your Progress DB and load it back up with the schema and indexes to a SQL DB. This is good for archiving the Progress database as companies migrate away from the technology.

Is this approved for the QAD Cloud hosting?

Yes. We have received QAD Cloud certification for both the Enterprise Edition (EE) as well as Standard Edition (SE).

Is AzureOE secure?

Yes, AzureOE Windows Service communication to the Azure Service Bus is encrypted and processed through AMQP (Advanced Messaging Queue Protocol) and SAS (Shared Access Signatures). Everything is secured from end to end.

How about all this data compliance stuff?

This is why we choose Microsoft Azure. Keeping up with the ever changing regulations of data compliance is an impossible task for any company. With Azure, you can choose environments certified to meet standards like ITAR, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, DSS.

Is this a solution for disaster recovery?

No. AzureOE is only for real-time replication of Progress to Azure SQL and cannot be used as a DR solution for the Progress database.

Can you replicate multiple Progress databases?

Yes, we can replicate multiple databases on a single server and consolidate the data on the Azure SQL DB.

How do you handle archiving of OpenEdge data?

Many QAD customers, archive and delete data from their ERP. As best practice, we keep the SQL replication in sync with the production Progress database and have the customer build a separate archive SQL database to load the archive data for reporting.

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