Adaptivity provides professional services and products to support the QAD community

Our Mission

To offer unbiased advice and solutions to help businesses become more agile and utilize QAD effectively.

“Yesterday’s adaptations are today’s routines.”

Ronald Heifetz. The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World


Adaptivity was founded to provide an unbiased alternative consultative option to the QAD community. You have options, and our goal is to help you identify the options that are best for your company,


Adaptivity’s team is full of seasoned QAD and technology professionals with experience across key industries and technologies. We’ve seen a lot over the years and can help you adapt quickly.


The executive team has a long track record of working with QAD customers as well as the user community.


Adaptivity offers products and services to help you make QAD a key part of your effective enterprise.