Assessments are a disciplined examination of processes against a set of criteria to determine capability of those processes to perform within quality, cost, and schedule goals. There are many types of assessments, with many goals and often called many different names.

Adaptivity offers a variety of different types of assessments as defined below, to help your organization gather the information needed to make the right decisions.

Usage Assessment

A Usage Assessment offered by Adaptivity is a specialized assessment designed to identify and document how well your company is utilizing the tools that are currently in place around your QAD investment. Additionally, the Usage Assessment includes suggested improvements to processes allowing you to utilize your current set of tools more effectively.

Upgrade Assessment

An Upgrade Assessment offered by Adaptivity is designed to identify the potential advantages of performing an upgrade to your existing QAD environment.  It can also provide the estimated cost and timeline for performing the upgrade with options of adding new modules or migrating to the QAD Cloud.

Training Assessment

A Training Assessment offered by Adaptivity is intended to identify your organization’s current level of understanding related to utilizing your QAD environment.  The assessment evaluates your training documentation as well as the training procedures and programs currently in use by your organization.  The resulting assessment report will document potential improvements and other recommendations that may be needed to help increase the ongoing effective use of your QAD investment.

Specialized Assessment

Is there something else in your QAD ecosystem that you feel is not operating well as it could be? Adaptivity can offer assessments that are tailored to fit the specific needs of your organization. 

Contact Adaptivity today to learn how an Assessment can help you get more out of your QAD investment.