AdaptOE Features

Real-time, affordable, subscription based, Progress OpenEdge® to Microsoft® SQL data replication solution.

Transform your company’s QAD® and Progress® data to support informed decision making. Gain deeper insight into your data to stay in the know and spot trends as they happen in real-time.  Combined with the power of Microsoft Azure® and modern business intelligence (BI) solutions, your entire organization can understand and quickly act on data.

Do any of these business challenges sound familiar?

  • Daily batch data exports are no longer acceptable to make business critical decisions
  • All your BI tools are leveraging your SQL based data warehouse
  • Use of ODBC connectors are outdated, unreliable, unstable and create performance and security issues
  • Custom in-house solutions not reliable, not scalable, not supportable and need to be replaced
  • Data needs to be available in real-time, reliable, and in multiple formats both on-premise and in the cloud
  • Data Security is an issue, encrypted data transfer and data at rest, ITAR, GDPR compliance, HIPPA, PCI, DSS
  • Lack of OpenEdge resource availability

Then look at what AdaptOE can provide you with Today

Real Time Replication

  • Powerful Performance: Parallel processing replication and scalable
  • Easy Installation: OpenEdge DF (data definitions), database triggers (merged with Qxtend if in use) or Change Data Capture, AzureOE compiled code and a OpenEdge stateless AppServer
  • Windows or Linux Server: AdaptOE Services take advantage of the latest .Net framework to allow deployment on Windows or Linux Servers.
  • Highly Secure: AzureOE Service communication to the Azure Service Bus is encrypted and processed through AMQP (Advanced Messaging Queue Protocol) and SAS (Shared Access Signatures)..

Cloud First Architecture

  • Leverages Modern Messaging and Microservices
  • Guaranteed Delivery
    • OpenEdge To Azure: The message is not removed from OpenEdge until the message is successfully persistent to the Azure Service Bus
    • Azure to SQL: The message is not removed from the Azure Service Bus until successfully persisted to SQL Server
  • OpenEdge Transaction Safe
    • If the message is part of an OpenEdge transaction and the transaction is rolled back, the message will not be sent to the Azure Service Bus
  • Azure Cloud Benefits
    • Highly available
    • Scale up, scale down
    • Application Insights provides data into applications and DBs running in the cloud

Data Fix on the Fly!

  • Automated data fixes for OpenEdge to SQL data issues
  • Character Fields: OpenEdge character fields that exceed SQL VARCHAR field precision are automatically truncated.
  • Date Fields: OpenEdge date and datetime fields that are prior to the SQL minimum date of 01/01/1753 are updated to month/day/1753.
  • Logicals: Logical Progress fields with null values automatically corrected to false value.
  • Arrays: Progress array fields replicated as separate fields and values to SQL.
  • Any unexpected OpenEdge to SQL data issues are logged to a SQL DB as warnings for correction in the OpenEdge DB

One Time Use?

  • Great use for customers who are moving away from the Progress OpenEdge technology but wish to keep the data to comply with data retention policies. 
  • We can provide a single use license that will generate the SQL schema, indexes, and one time data dump of your static OpenEdge database to SQL.
  • You can unlock this data and will no longer be dependent on Progress OpenEdge technologies or resources to access your archive data going forward!

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